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Blog of writer and comedian Sarah Walker. This is her Wheelhouse.

"Hippy Shit" by Pony Time. These guys are the best. Just the best. 

"Mess Me Around" by The Babies. I can’t believe I haven’t posted this yet. Or have I? I honestly don’t know and there’s no way of knowing. Not now. Too much time has passed. The Internet has a very short memory. Anyway, my friend Scott Jacobson directed this and I’m in it, playing a cult member. Great song too. 

The Halo Benders “Virginia Reel Around the Fountain”

"Welcome Home" by Radical Face. His voice sounds like he’s doing a more upbeat Elliott Smith impression, but what’re ya gonna do. It’s great. 

People are geniuses and I love them.

People are geniuses and I love them.

"Dream Machines" by Big Deal

"Sun Glasses" by The Shades & The Knott Sisters

My friend Steve Hely asked me if I would be a part of his vision for the most highly produced Vine ever, for America. I of course said yes.  

"Forget the Flowers" by Wilco