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I did this, because I can only photoshop text. 

I did this, because I can only photoshop text. 

Cookie Of The Month Club

I’m in the Cookie of the Month Club. I’m not bragging. I didn’t decide to join it myself because I’m a lady of leisure with extra income to spend on cruise rides and decadent baked goods that come to my very door. It was a gift. From a famous person with thousands of dollars to spare you ask? Surprisingly, no. It was a Christmas present from a regular person with a normal job. So maybe you should think about what kind of gifts you give to your friends and if they’re up to snuff.

Listen, this isn’t about a guilt trip about your sub par gift giving or my exclusive membership to a club that you aren’t in. I simply want to write a review of the cookies each month. January has come and gone and the cookies were good. I believe they were regular chocolate chip and chocolate chocolate chip, but I can’t recall them specifically because I’m not some memory genius and I live in a hectic workaday world. So I’ll begin my reviews with February’s cookies.

Type of Cookie: Peanut Butter

Texture: Crumbly and a little hard, which isn’t my speed but I know some people enjoy that.

Taste: Peanut buttery with a hint of salt. 

Overall impressions: I won’t kick any cookie out of bed, but I prefer a softer texture with less salty after taste. 

Until next month!

"Almost Home" by Damien Jurado and (cough) Moby (cough)

(Source: youtube.com)

"Museum of Flight" by Damien Jurado

(Source: youtube.com)

I love the opera The Magic Flute. I’m going to see it in a couple of weeks and this trailer for it has me so excited. 

(Source: youtube.com)

The workout montage from “The Cutting Edge.” One of my favorites. 

(Source: youtube.com)